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What Every Parent Should Know About Ear Infections, Antibiotics And Sudden Infant Death Syndrome!

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

If you have children, then reading this may be the most important thing you do to make sure they grow up happy, healthy and to their genetic potential. Two thirds of U.S. children suffer middle ear infections, or otitis media, by the age of 2. The infections usually follow a viral respiratory infection. At first, they cause a red and swollen eardrum, pain and fussiness in infants and toddlers. Sometimes fluid accumulates in the middle ear, behind the eardrum, where it can remain for weeks or months and may impair hearing.

So, you come home from work next week and your little Johnny has an ear infection. What do you do? Well, let’s separate fact from fiction so you can make an educated decision that may have a drastic impact on your child’s life for the rest of their life because the treatment you choose could have a drastic effect on the rest of your child’s life. The first thing you must understand about ear infections is that they are not as dangerous as you may think. Here’s what a study by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the Southern California/RAND Evidence-based Practice Canter (EPC) found: nearly two-thirds of children with uncomplicated ear infections recover from pain and fever within 24 hours of diagnosis without antibiotic treatment. Over 80% recover within 1 to 7 days.

Approximately 93% of children treated with antibiotics recover within 1-7 days. Researchers also found that the newer and more costly antibiotics, such as cefacior, cefixime, azithromycin, or clarithromycin, provide no additional benefit to children than amoxicillin. The EPC also found no evidence that short-duration (5 days or less) versus long-duration therapy (7-10 days) made a difference in the clinical outcome for children 2 years of age.

More than 5 million cases of acute ear infections occur annually, costing about $3 billion. In the November 26, 1997 issue of the Journal of The American Medical Association, experts say the routine use of antibiotics against pediatric ear infections produces little health benefit while contributing to the spread of drug resistant bacteria.

They point out that children whose previous ear infections were treated with antibiotics have a rate of amoxicillan resistant bacteria that is three times higher during subsequent ear infection episodes. In extreme cases, deaths from drug resistant meningitis have been linked to built-up antibiotic resistance traced to previous treatment for ear infection.

What’s more, Dr. Joseph Mercola, MD, from Johns Hopkins University states: “The treatment of ear infections is a huge problem. MOST of the chronically sick children I see were given antibiotics frequently for recurrent ear infections. The sad tragedy is that nearly all of these are preventable.”

Do you understand what this means? Not only does using antibiotics for many cases of ear infections possibly not help, it may lead to chronic illness! Now that you have the bad news, what’s the good news? The good news is there are natural ways to help prevent and stop ear infections without the use of harmful antibiotics.

A study was performed comparing the health of two hundred pediatrician’s children versus 200 chiropractor’s children. The results will shock you. The study found that 80% of the “medical” Children Suffered Ear Infection versus only 31% of the “chiropractic” children! And “pediatricians were more likely to feel that every child would have been on a course of antibiotics at least once, and the occurrence of infectious diseases was significantly less among the latter sample.” The study went on the say, “This study has shown that children raised under chiropractic care are less prone to infectious processes such as otitis media and tonsillitis, and that their immune systems are better able to cope with allergens such as pollen, weeds, grasses, and more as compared to children raised under allopathic (medical) care.”

How could this be? What could be the difference that made the chiropractic children healthier? Could there be one thing, above all others, that gave these children superior health and… a better chance for success in life? I think there is. Your nervous system controls every function in your body. Your brain sends electrical impulses down your spinal cord and nerves to all your organs and cells. It tells your heart to beat and your lungs to breath. It controls the whole show.

These electrical impulses can get altered as they exit your spine, in between your spinal bones by misaligned or malfunctioning spinal joints. When this happens, your body doesn’t function the way it should. Your immune system doesn’t function the way it should. So when the germs responsible for an ear infection or any other disease enter your children’s body, the immune system doesn’t fight it off like it should and the result is an ear infection. Normally, without any interference from the spinal joint, the germs could have been defeated.

Medical researcher Dr. G. Gutmann, after examining over 1000 infants concluded that approximately 80% had imbalances, many from the top bone in the neck. Abraham Towbin, MD, Neuropathologist Harvard Medical School, found that 7 out of 8 autopsies he performed on sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) died from a spinal cord injury from the birth process or soon after.

Let’s get one thing crystal clear: The birth process is not a walk in the park. The infant is usually grabbed by its head and it is pulled and twisted out with great force. And remember, your baby’s neck is very delicate. It has been living in fluid for the last nine months and has never even had to hold up the weight of its own head.

The bottom line is that every child should receive a complete chiropractic spinal check-up to insure they grow up happy and healthy. After all, Medical researcher Dr, Gutmann found that 80% of the infants he examined had spinal imbalances. Do you think your child is any different? Make sure you contact New Century Spine Centers in San Diego our office to find out how all of your children can get a free spinal trauma evaluation. It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s free. And it may change their life.

Winning Health The Natural Way Through Chiropractic Care

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Choosing between good health and great wealth is usually a simple answer. Most people would pick good health. However when asked to define “health,” many would have trouble putting into words what this concept means to us. For some of us health might mean lack of illness, disease and pain. Sometimes to some health means being symptom free. For other individuals good health might mean a greater positive state of being, including strong bones, good posture, white teeth, great body and eyes, strong muscles, appropriate weight, and much more.

We all want want great health. This is very important. Unfortunately, this goal at times is very difficult to reach with a health care system focused primarily on treatment of disease as opposed to prevention of illness. Focusing on symptoms is not the key to health. Though we have extensive research about the illness of the body and therapy of signs and symptoms, we should be focusing on prevention.

In the study of heart patients for example, heart bypasses and angioplasty generally do not address the underlying cause of the heart condition or problem. Many surgeries generally treat the existing problem which can return if the person doesn’t also make a lifestyle change in their daily activity. When patients make comprehensive lifestyle changes consistent with a healthy heart and overall wellness, most patients have a good chance of improving their overall health.

Often times someone is hospitalized with an end-stage disease that has taken years to develop. During previous years the person has eaten unhealthy foods every day. Often a patient may say, “What’s wrong with me, Doctor?” The doctor replies, “I don’t know, we’ll have to run more tests and procedures.”

You can examine the whole person and his or her lifestyle over many years, and the disease will be seen throughout their entire body in various findings. It would generally make more sense to study what causes the body to be healthy as opposed to being ill. In reality, only twenty percent of today’s research is spent on preventative health care and most is spent on the study of disease and illness. Part of the problem might be that it is less lucrative to study prevention than it is to study treatment for illness. There is less money to be made on prevention.

Research examines the factors that help keep the body healthy are becoming increasingly certain of the significance of the mind/body connection as a critical component in health care. This factor is an important reason why many patients are turning to chiropractic health care by chiropractors as part of their health building strategies as opposed to medical care that treats the disease.

Doctors of chiropractic work directly with the mind and body connection for optimum health. The brain contains all the information to run the body correctly and naturally. The entire nervous system is a channel of nerves from the brain to each tissue cell in the body. All functions are controlled by the nervous system. Similarly, the spinal column covers and protects the nervous system from outside damage.

We know that brain functions can be affected unless we keep it safe and free from severe injuries. The same is true for the spinal column and proper nervous system functioning. When the spine is seriously damaged and the spine cord becomes clipped, the body can become paralyzed because the brain can no longer communicate properly with the rest of the body. This principle also applies when damage to the spine is on a lesser scale, resulting in misalignment of spinal bones and pressure on nerve function. Spinal vertebral misalignment results in a partial communication breakdown leading to a partial as opposed to full connection between the mind and body. When this happens, the body loses much of its ability to maintain health and proper functionality.

In addition, lifestyle factors are important in building optimal health. Most of us understand that we need proper rest, proper nutrition, exercise and a positive mental attitude. Unfortunately we may not fully understand the importance of a properly functioning nervous system and spinal column. Building health from within the body is the ultimate path we all must discover for ourselves. It is not something a doctor can give us especially when they are focusing on disease. It is something we give ourselves because healing and health are natural states, and we have the power to control our decisions regardless of the rest.

It was once said by the developer of chiropractic BJ Palmer, “In the future, chiropractic will be valued for its preventative qualities as much as for relieving and adjusting the cause of many problems.” The future is now because chiropractic care is no longer an alternative care but the mainstream choice of millions who have turned to chiropractic doctors for natural health and wellness care. Many chiropractic doctors including the best chiropractors at New Century Spine Centers of San Diego are now covered by many insurance companies.

Doctors of chiropractic are committed to educating their patients about healthy lifestyle and their patients express appreciation for it. To learn more, those interested in getting a special report can go to for more information. We need to be involved with our health by asking the right questions and beginning our own quest to discover just what “good health” truly is.

Osteoarthritis Knee Surgery of the Knee May Be Of No Value!

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Cited in the past New York Times July 11, 2002, Arthroscopic surgery on the knee for the symptoms due to osteoarthritis is performed on over 200,000 middle-aged and older Americans each year at a cost of more than a billion dollars to Medicare, the Department of Veterans Affairs and private insurers. When medical conservative treatment does not help osteoarthritic knee pain, procedures such as arthroscopic lavage or debridement are often used. Over 650,000 such procedures are performed every year at a cost of about $5,000 each. As more and more people search for alternative therapies such as physical therapy and chiropractic care, this research has much importance. Some of the latest treatment options can be found at

Research in the New England Journal of Medicine reported on the results of a randomized, placebo-controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness of arthroscopy for osteoarthritis of the knee. 180 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee were randomly assigned to receive arthroscopic debridement, arthroscopic lavage or placebo surgery. The placebo group received a short-acting intravenous tranquilizer while the surgical group received the standard general anesthesia. The patients that received the placebo were kept in the operating room for the same amount of time as the surgical patients, and spent the night after the procedure in the hospital being cared for by nurses who “were unaware of the treatment-group assignment.” The placebo group received only skin incisions and underwent a simulated arthroscopic surgery but the arthroscope was never inserted. The patients in the study were informed that they might not receive actual surgery.

All the patients received the same medical walking aids, graduated exercise and analgesics. For the placebo patients, during the “operation” the doctor asked for all instruments and manipulated the knee as if arthroscopy were being performed. To simulate the treatment, saline was splashed to simulate the sounds of lavage in case the patient was partly conscious during the operation. The surgical patients were lavaged with at least ten liters of fluid to flush and cleanse the knee of painful debris and inflammatory enzymes. Torn portions of meniscus were removed, and the remaining meniscus was smoothed to a firm, stable rim. Rough articular cartilage was shaved, loose debris was removed, and any bone spurs on the tibial spine that blocked full extension were also shaved smooth.

Only one doctor was used for the surgery, who did not know the procedure until he opened an envelope at the time of the operation. The surgeon was board-certified and trained in arthroscopy and sports medicine in practice for 10 years in an academic medical center. He was a well trained physician for the men’s and women’s U.S. Olympic basketball teams in 1996.

The patients were assessed regularly during and after the procedure. The authors of the study even determined whether there may have been some clinically important benefits they may have missed in the surgical group due to their small sample size. For the comparisons they questioned, the 95 percent confidence intervals did not contain any important differences, indicating that there was not a clinically important improvement the study had simply failed to detect. The final conclusion of the study was “the outcomes after arthroscopic lavage or arthroscopic debridement were no better than those after a placebo procedure.”

A growing number of people are looking for alternative therapies for their knee problems and back pain. New Century Spine Centers in San Diego 92108 regularly treats sports injuries and back problems. Some common injuries are meniscal injuries, sports injuries, muscle spasms, sciatica, and more. Some of the newest treatments options include active release therapy, cold laser therapy, activator methods, palmer technique, spinal decompression and chiropractic care by chiropractors.

FDA Clears Treatment Proven To Relieve Severe Back Pain Without Drugs Or Surgery in San Diego

Monday, May 10th, 2010

A Mayo Clinic study reports an 88% success rate from this alternative treatment to eliminate low back pain. And now, local San Diego doctors and chiropractors at New Century Spine Centers are bringing this revolutionary treatment to San Diego residents.

For individuals suffering from chronic back pain, sciatica, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, or herniated and /or bulging discs, advanced spinal decompression therapy may be their best back pain solution.
According to Dr. Michael Pritsker, DC, QME, “Back pain can be debilitating and affects thousands of people each year. But thanks to new advances in back pain therapy, thousands of back pain sufferers are living pain free and enjoying life.” To watch videos of this advanced spinal decompression chiropractic technology, those interested can go to the San Diego website at
Up until now, there were only three options that existed to deal with the pain from low back conditions. They were swallowing pain pills for pain management, going under the knife with spine surgery, or just learning to live with the pain. New Century Spine Centers in San Diego has acquired not only the top spinal decompression doctors in San Diego, but also has brought in some of the most advanced spine decompression therapies available for non-surgical treatment of back pain. Dr. Dirk Kancilia, DC of New Century Spine Centers says “by utilizing advanced spinal decompression together with skilled practitioners and sophisticated diagnostic testing, we are able to give the patient the best possible treatment for their back pain available. We work closely with medical practitioners, chiropractors, as well as drx9000 spinal decompression specialists to eliminate their back pain. Whether it’s patients that requested our free report from or if they were referred by their friends, family, or chiropractic doctor, they can rest assure that they are in the right hands at New Century Spine Centers.
Advanced spinal decompression therapy has been around for over a decade, but some doctors unfortunately still are unaware of its benefits. There are different programs such as DRX 9000 spine decompression, Triton spinal decompression, ABS, Lordex, Vax-D and more. Regardless of which system the doctor uses, it’s most important to choose the right spine specialist. It doesn’t matter what the name of the table is. Your body doesn’t know the difference between Brand Name ABC and Brand Name XYZ. Physiologically speaking, all Spinal Decompression tables have the exact same effect on the discs and surrounding tissues, yet some doctors want you to believe that their equipment is far superior to all other brands. There are many different brands of tables out there. Some are prettier and bigger than others. Some have more bells and whistles, but the fact is the brand of the table has no bearing on the results as long as it is a spinal decompression table. Think about it, if they all make the same claim of being the best, then can it really be true? Most race cars are built very similar. But the winning race car has the best driver and the best crew. To get rid of back pain, then you need to go to the best spinal decompression doctors available. Picking the proper spinal decompression specialist is the most important decision to fixing back pain.
Finally, there is a proven solution to get rid of back pain. The procedure provides relief of pain and symptoms associated with spinal stenosis, herniated discs, bulging or protruding spinal discs, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, sciatica, and chronic back pain. Hundreds of people restored full functional health to their back using this procedure in the Mission Valley area of San Diego. Some of the benefits are that the treatment is non-surgical and no drugs are involved, it is non-invasive, and it is a painless process. Patients describe the treatment procedure as painless and relaxing.
Individuals who should consider treatment are those who are tired of living with back pain and sciatica. Taking advantage of this scientifically proven approach to relieving and eliminating back and leg pain may be the best decision a back pain sufferer may make.
Currently, many insurance plans cover this very affordable procedure and thousands of Americans, insured and uninsured, are opting for this painless procedure. It’s a treatment that should be looked into before back surgery. It just makes common sense to try a non-invasive procedure before one does resort to surgery. It is so popular that a toll-free, 24 hour recorded message is now available to learn more and receive free information that explains the details. New Century Spine Centers has set up this toll free 24 hour recorded message line where injured people can call to request a free video and report. The phone number is 1-888-611-2042. Back pain victims can also visit the New Century Spine Centers website at to get more information and watch videos of the advanced spinal decompression therapy program in action.