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Health Tips To Think About…

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

If someone asked us to choose between good health and great wealth, most of us would pick good health, without a question. However, if asked to define “health,” we might have trouble putting into words what this concept means to us. For some of us health might mean absence of illness, disease and pain. For others good health might mean a more positive state of being, including strong bones and teeth, shiny hair and eyes, strong muscles, appropriate weight, etc.

One thing we all agree on: we want good health. But this goal may be difficult to reach with a health system focused primarily on treatment, rather than prevention of illness and disease. Though we have extensive research about the illnesses of the body and treatment of symptoms, what have we studied about creating wellness within the body to prevent health problems before they happen?

For heart patients, heart bypasses and angioplasty do not address the underlying cause of the heart problem. Surgery merely treats the existing problem, which sometimes returns if the patient doesn’t also make a lifestyle change. When patients make comprehensive life changes consistent with a healthy heart, the patient has a good chance of improving. This reality is being proven through research.

Many times a patient is hospitalized with an end-stage illness that has taken years to develop. During previous years the person has eaten donuts, salami, french fries and ice cream every day. The patient may ask, “What’s wrong with me, Doc?” The doctor replies, “I don’t know, we’ll have to run more tests.”

The reality is that we can look at the whole person and his or her lifestyle over the years, and the illness will be written all over the body.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to study what causes the body to be healthy? Unfortunately, only 20 percent of today’s research is spent on preventative health care. Part of the problem might be that it is harder to study prevention than it is to study treatment for illness and disease.

Some researchers examining the factors that help keep the body healthy are becoming increasingly convinced of the importance of the mind/body connection as a critical factor in health. This factor is an important reason more people are turning to chiropractic health care as part of their health building strategies.

Chiropractic care works directly with the mind/body connection for health. The brain contains all the information to run the body correctly. The nervous system is a channel of communication from the brain to each tissue cell in the body. We all understand the function of the skull in protecting the brain. In similar fashion, the spinal column houses and protects the nervous system.

We understand brain functions can be affected unless we keep it safe and free from serious trauma. The same is true for the spine and proper nervous system function. When the spine is traumatized and the spinal cord (bundle of nerves) becomes severed, the body can become paralyzed because the brain can no longer communicate with the rest of the body. This principle also applies when trauma to the spine is on a smaller scale, resulting in misalignment of spinal bones and pressure on nerve function. Spinal misalignment results in a partial communication breakdown, leading to an incomplete connection between mind and body. When this happens, the body loses much of its ability to maintain health.

We know lifestyle factors are important in building health. We know we need proper rest, good nutrition, exercise and a positive mental attitude; we may not fully understand the importance of a fully functioning nervous system.

Building health within the body – wellness – is ultimately the path we all must discover for ourselves. It is not something a doctor can give us. It is something we give ourselves because healing and health are natural states, and we have the power to control our decisions.

B.J. Palmer, developer of chiropractic, said, “In the future, chiropractic will be valued for its preventative qualities as much as for relieving and adjusting the cause of many ailments.” The future is now because chiropractic is no longer alternative but the mainstream choice of millions who have turned to chiropractic for natural health and wellness care. Chiropractic is now covered by many insurance companies.

Doctors of chiropractic are committed to educating their patients about healthy lifestyle and their patients express appreciation for it. We need to be involved with our health by asking questions and beginning our own quest to discover just what “good health” is, and how it can be obtained.

New Century Spine Centers In San Diego Launches New Pain Management Spinal Decompression Technology For Back Pain

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

New Century Spine Centers In San Diego Offers Revolutionary Back and Neck Pain Treatment with Spinal Decompression and Advanced Chiropractic Care rehab program.

An innovative new treatment performed by the chiropractors in San Diego at New Century Spine Centers is helping many victims of back pain. At a fraction of the cost of spinal surgery, Spinal Decompression Treatment is extremely safe, very effective, FDA cleared, and best of all, non-operative. Many patients describe the treatment as very safe and comfortable and the rehabilitation as very helpful in eliminating their back and neck pain forever.

Many baby boomers these days are feeling older, stiffer, slower and in more pain. People are suffering with stiff joints, back pain, knees ready to give out, and more. These same people in San Diego are finding a way to win the aging and back pain battle with a proven back pain management technology. Up until now, many people with back pain thought their only treatment option was drugs and surgery. That is no longer the case as new back pain treatment options are successfully fixing back problems.

New Century Spine Centers in San Diego is a conservative chiropractic and spinal therapy practice dedicated to pain relief from disc herniations, spinal stenosis, sciatica, disc bulges, pinched nerves, and muscle spasms. Information about treatment at New Century Spine Centers can be found at Back pain patients that come to see the chiropractors and staff know that they won’t be given long treatment plans or be asked to come forever if it’s not necessary. They focus on getting patients out of pain and functioning better as quickly as possible. DRX 9000 spinal decompression therapy is helping people live pain free and enjoy life. Since offering treatment for herniated and bulging discs with advanced spinal decompression DRX9000, ABS, Triton, and cold laser treatment procedures, the chiropractors have heard over and over things like “I can’t believe I was actually thinking about surgery because my doctor told me it was my only choice. Thanks to your treatment I am finally pain free. If it wasn’t for the news special they had about your treatment I never would have known about the treatment and probably still would be suffering today.”

Spinal decompression therapy is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for certain types of chronic back and neck pain that works by slowly and gently stretching the spine, taking pressure off compressed discs and vertebrae. People with significant low back and neck pain, sciatica, lower and upper extremity pain, numbness and tingling are being helped by this procedure, often when medications, injections or back surgery have failed. The spinal decompression program at New Century Spine Centers has been successful in treating some of the following conditions:

  • Spinal stenosis
  • Bulging/herniated discs
  • Pinched nerves
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Sciatica and radiating leg pain
  • Low back and neck pain

Damage or deterioration of the spinal disks due to wear and tear from age or by physical stress from car accidents results in severe back pain since pressure is put on the spinal cord or spinal nerves. Symptoms may include numbness or sharp pains, either near the site of the damaged disk or even down through the legs or arms. Other symptoms from back problems may include weakness, muscle spasms, balance problems, and poor posture.

Advantages of the advanced spinal decompression, cold laser, and spinal arthritis relief programs at New Century Spine Centers include:

  • Return to normal activities quickly
  • Almost 100% of patients stated they would recommend New Century facility
  • Non-surgical and drug free
  • Safe and painless procedures
  • Long term and permanent results
  • Advanced alternative to spinal surgery

The chiropractic doctors at New Century Spine Centers in Mission Valley are some of the most experienced chiropractors in the field of back pain management. One of the past chiropractors Dr. Michael Pritsker, DC has been featured extensively in the media for his revolutionary treatment procedures. Dr. Mike Pritsker shared his advanced back pain management procedures at New Century Spine Centers. Dr. Carissa Hang, DC utilizes some of the latest neck pain management procedures. Back pain victims from San Diego and across the globe travel thousands of miles just to experience pain relief by the New Century back pain relief program. The chiropractors at New Century set up a website where victims of back pain can receive a free video and report. Information can be obtained online at or by calling the toll free 24 hour recorded low back information line at 1-888-611-2042.Spinal decompression for back pain

Benefits Of Chiropractic On Arthritis

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

“Can chiropractic help arthritis?” Although most medical doctors will say arthritis can not be reverse, studies have shown that it can. There are two different conditions known as “arthritis”. By definition, “arthritis” is inflammation of the joints. First, there’s osteoarthritis, sometimes referred to as “wear and tear” arthritis. This includes DJD or Degenerative Disc Disease. Then, there’s several variations of rheumatoid arthritis.

Osteoarthritis or “wear and tear arthritis” is just that, a sort of wearing away of the joint. It usually shows up as we age or after years of excessive use or wear on a joint. DJD or osteoarthritis in the spine, is usually caused by several bones in the spine that are out of alignment. When your car is out of alignment, these parts will wear out quicker than the rest of the car. Your spine is no different. If you have misalignments in your spine, the discs and bones surrounding that joint will develop arthritis faster than other areas of your body. On x-ray, this reaction looks like little bone spurs. The body reacts this way in an attempt to stabilize your spine. Over time, this process will cause fusion. Usually, the problem is not noticed until the disc is about gone and the spurs (or osteophytes) start to press on nerves, causing pain.

The typical medical approach to dealing with this type of arthritis is self-medication with over-the-counter painkillers or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Tylenol, Advil, etc. If not resolved, you can end up on steroids or prescription painkillers that can lead to addiction. The eventual medical solution is surgery, sometimes very risky surgery with long-term consequences.

The other kind of arthritis, called rheumatoid arthritis, is an inflammatory autoimmune condition that causes pain, swelling and disfiguration, usually seen in the hands. As with most autoimmune conditions, the cause is unknown. Yet, treatments start with over-the-counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, then prescription painkillers, then immunosuppressant drugs. That just means that the drug you’re taking actually retards your immune system. The mandatory warnings on these drugs warn you of infection, disease and even death. Since we don’t know the cause, should we be treating the effect with potentially lethal drugs?

Chiropractic can help patients with arthritis in two ways:  biomechanically and neurologically. If you do, indeed, have spinal misalignments (subluxations) that can cause the discs to wear down more quickly, we help correct those misalignments with gentle, specific adjustments. As your body stays in its proper alignment, pressure is taken off the nerves and your nervous system. When that happens, your symptoms tend to clear up. If you maintain that proper alignment of the spine, there will be less nerve pressure therefore less likely for your symptoms to come back.  Biomechanically, chiropractic can increase your mobility and flexibility because of a proper aligned spine.  Neurologically , chiropractic help take stress off your nervous system, therefore allowing your body to rest, relax, and heal naturally.