Exposing Dirty Massage Parlors

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There are tons of massage parlors that have opened up over the last several years. Some are nice but aren’t so nice. The Happy Head in San Diego has revealed some interesting facts about the industry. Here are some interesting tidbits that may make you think twice about which spa you choose.

1. Are memberships required to get a discount?

Many people are shocked to find out that many massage parlors make a large portion of their money by locking their customers into long term memberships. The routine is the same every time. Customers come out of their massage feeling rejuvenated and then the sales process begins. They ask you how often they plan to get a massage, how much they plan on spending, and so on. They show customers a comparison chart of how much they will save by signing up for their monthly membership. Avoid massage establishments that require you to sign a contract just to get a better price.

2. Are those sheets clean?

It sounds almost silly but some massage parlors think that flipping the sheets in between customers is the same as cleaning. . Ever see those Asian massage parlors advertising a $15 massage? Have you ever heard the phrase you get what you pay for?  Well sometimes getting what you paid for means dirty sheets. It’s absurd but when a company has no systems in place, doesn’t hold their employees accountable, has no consistency, and doesn’t care about their customers, they end up lying on dirty sheets.

3. Is that one of those massage places?

You think happy ending massage parlors are just a fable? Check out the body rubs section on backpage.  You’ll find all kinds of massage parlors advertising happy ending massages with clever ways of rewoeding them. Remember little fact #2 about using clean sheets? Combine fact #2 and fact #3 and let your imagination run wild.

Want to get more information about massage parlors. Happy Head Foot Reflexology and Massage in San Diego has a great news section at www.happyheadmassage.com/news that gives regular news and updates on the industry to ensure that you get a great experience every time.

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