Getting rid of mid back pain with Chiropractic care.

Mid back pain is pain in the area below the neck and above the low back. The middle back is composed of 12 vertebral bones. This section of the back is called the thoracic region of the spine. The middle back is naturally strong and stable. The elastic cartilages which are found between each bone are called discs and they serve as shock absorbers.

There are many different problems that could trigger mid back pain. Muscle strains are the most common cause of pain in the middle back. Other causes of mid back pain include poor posture, emotional stress, improper lifting, traumatic accidents, standing for hours, sleeping uncomfortably, and overexertion.

Persistent mid back pain may indicate a more serious condition wherein if it continues for more than a couple of months, it would need medical advice. If the thoracic spine is directly injured, it can cause misalignment of the bones and create impingement of the spinal nerves therefore causing dysfunction to the nervous system. Within the spinal region, there are pairs of spinal nerves emitting from the middle back to various digestive parts which includes stomach, liver, gall bladder, and small intestine. Problems in communication with the nerves may lead to numerous digestive disorders.

Upon examination, it is common to find a certain type of back misalignment. Mid back pain is a common problem like low back pain. Back pain of that kind can be addressed using chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic care has been highly successful in treating patients seeking alternative health care. Without the use of drugs or scalpels, a chiropractor does multiple exams and takes x-rays to identify the underlying cause of the patient’s problem.

Once the x-rays are reviewed, the doctor will go over the treatment plan with the patient.  When the patient agrees with the treatment protocol, the chiropractor will perform an adjustment by applying precise and gentle pressure to the specific areas of misalignment. Other forms of conservative treatments that chiropractors may use are massage, electrical stimulation, hot/cold packs, and ultra sound.

Additional services chiropractors provide include exercise, pelvic stabilization, ergonomics, and education on diet. Exercise and rehabilitation are very important to prevent the pain from coming back. Many patients are relieved from their mid back pain after a few visits and others choose to continue into maintenance care because it keeps their bodies in optimum condition.

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