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Chiropractic For Getting Rid Of Back Pain

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Chiropractic is the practice whereby hands-on adjustments of bones within the body and the spinal column are used to drive away pains from within the bones. This is a common practice utilized to get relief from back aches and stiffness by Dr. Michael Pritsker at New Century Spine Centers in San Diego. This practice operates on the theory known as the “subluxation theory” that the improper alignment of the human vertebrae affects the body’s nervous system and that pains and other disease can originate when this happens. So, its aim is to properly align the vertebrae for better health and relief from these pains.

To receive chiropractic treatment, the patient has to visit a chiropractor who uses manual adjustments or re-alignments to keep the vertebrae back in shape and restore the health condition of the patient. Some studies have shown that this process has been very effective in bringing relief to patients with back pains and some general ailments. These include certain back problems such as sciatica, leg pain, and back pain. For this lack of scientific evidence, some experts in the medical field have completely rejected the notion of chiropractic, though some chiropractors currently work with renowned doctors on part time and full time basis these days in the treatment of back pains and associated ailments.

Generally, if you are constantly plagued by back pain, the chiropractic might be a good option to try out as it has proven reliable in the treatment of back pains, assisted with the restoration of mobility and corrected neuron-musculoskeletal disorders in some patients. Let us go through the process of getting back pain relief through this medium, especially the lower back pain which most office executives and labor workers seem to be affected by today.

Manual re-alignment or adjustments of the vertebrae by the chiropractor are achieved by using the hands to apply pressure enough to cause the vertebrae to get back to its normal space. High velocity thrusts and spinal traction are common methods used in this regard. Also, professional massages and the stretching of back muscles are effected to relax the muscles and make the adjustments easier. Generally, the process might also some therapeutic exercises on specific group of muscles aimed at properly aligning the spinal cord.

The principle of using massages to relax the nerves and muscles is also part of the process employed by chiropractors to provide cures for back pain. The massage therapists at Happy head foot reflexology and massage in San Diego do a great job at helping reduce pain from muscle spasms. Most often, you find professional massage teams working alongside the chiropractors, because it is believed that relaxed muscles can be easily put back in place than the tensed ones. Also, regular exercises and relaxed nerves are a means of keeping the adjustment by the chiropractor in place over time.

Chiropractor In San Diego Reveals New Spinal Decompression Therapy Protocol To Eliminate Back And Neck Pain

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Back and neck pain can be potentially debilitating conditions for many individuals. These conditions will strike millions of Americans this year alone. Many of them will suffer for the rest of their lives due to incorrect information from friends and bad care from doctors.  The good news is that San Diego chiropractic doctor Dr. Mike Pritsker is sharing little known secrets that are helping thousands of people live pain free and enjoy their life. And best of all, the spine treatment program doesn’t involve risky medication and dangerous surgery.


Reality is most of us are all influenced by slick commercials that sell neck and low back pain medicine. That’s why we keep our medicinal cabinets, handbags, and car glove compartments fully stocked with all the stuff.  As a matter of fact, they now sell pain medication at Costco and Walmart in huge quantities.  People go down the aisles and toss a case in their shopping cart like it’s a bag of potato chips or a 12 pack of beer. And of course drug companies don’t tell the causes of neck and low back pain because they know that they sell medication to cover up the symptoms and to really treat the cause of the condition.


There are many different options for the treatment of neck and low back pain. Some of these options include but are not limited to chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy, medicine, and spine surgery. Many of these options unfortunately may not work for people suffering from back and neck pain that is related to disc injuries such as disc rupture and disc bulges. Many people unfortunately end up turning to risky spine surgery to help their back problems. Others may opt for spinal injections consisting of Cortisone and Epidurals which only offer short term relief. They soon discover that it just masks the problem by covering up the symptoms while the condition worsens all along.


There are safer and better options for eliminating back and neck pain. Many people suffering from back pain and leg pain are turning to New Century Spine Centers in San Diego to learn about advanced spinal decompression therapy and specialized chiropractic care to fix their spinal condition. On their website, visitors can watch videos of San Diego’s spinal decompression chiropractor Dr. Michael Pritsker, DC revealing his revolutionary technology on special television appearances on Fox6 news and channel 10 news. Many people are finding the solution to their back and neck pain with Dr. Michael Pritsker’s revolutionary treatment program.


Spinal decompression therapy has been successfully treating back and leg pain for over a decade. Since 2001, Dr. Mike Pritsker has helped thousands of people live pain free and enjoy their life free from pain. Spinal decompression treatment with specialized chiropractic treatment in San Diego has worked for conditions like sciatica, leg pain, cramps, spinal stenosis, muscle spasms, neuralgia, disc bulges, arthritis, facet syndrome, and disc herniations. It even has worked in some cases when all else has failed. Back pain not only causes back and leg pain. It causes other conditions like depression, lost days from work, and can seriously impact someone’s lifestyle. Getting the proper treatment for the condition is important to get the best results. And it’s not a matter of what kind of spinal decompression machine the doctor uses. There are several available. There are the DRX9000, ABS, Triton, Vax-D and more. It’s more important to choose the best back doctor to properly utilize the equipment.


Dr. Mike Pritsker is a chiropractor at New Century Spine Centers in San Diego. He uses advanced spinal decompression treatment and specialized chiropractic care to get rid of back and neck pain in some of the most severe cases. People travel from long distances to the city of San Diego to see Dr. Pritsker to fix their back problems. Dr. Michael Pritsker regularly works close with other healthcare professionals to make sure that his patients get the best care possible for their back problems. Dr. Mike Pritsker can be reached at New Century Spine Centers in San Diego at 619-630-9153. Anyone suffering from back or neck pain can also request a free report and free video from the New Century Spine Centers website.

San Diego Chiropractor Help Patients With Torticollis

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011
It happens to everyone; the experience of waking up with neck pain is remarkably debilitating. Medically known as adult torticollis, this condition occurs more frequently than you think and is profoundly annoying. You go to bed feeling fine, and you wake up unable to turn your head without pain. There are some common things that cause this condition, and some simple things you can do to ease your suffering.

Overnight you have little control over the circumstances in which you sleep. You may unintentionally place your head in an abnormal position. The temperature may drop and cause neck muscles to spasm. Unusual activities the day before may have put a strain on your neck. Regardless of the exact source, you wake up with muscles that have tightened to the point of immobility. When the muscles lock up, they cause the facet joints of the vertebrae to jam against one another. The small muscles that control movement along these joints get tighter and the cycle repeats itself. It becomes a vicious circle until you get the neck muscles to relax.

Among one of the more common forms of neck pain, torticollis, also known as wry neck, is when one's neck feels stiff and experiences spasms that make the neck tilt to one side. Torticollis can be either congenital or acquired, with the former being somewhat rarer compared to the latter. It is often diagnosed in very young children but there have been cases of it presenting in adults who were probably not diagnosed in their youth. The most common treatment given for congenital torticollis is physical therapy that allows the affected area to be stretched, strengthened, and handled. 

If you catch the problem right at the beginning, you will have a better chance of a quick solution. Ice and anti-inflammatory medications will help combat the pain and inflammation for the first 24 hours.  If the spasm remains active for more than 48 hours, you may want to consider physical therapy, massage, and chiropractic. A chiropractor is trained in maintaining proper range of motion and function in your muscles and joints. With a variety of passive and isometric exercises, a chiropractor can help your neck muscles "reset" and resume full motion. 

A normal course of chiropractic treatment for torticollis involves 3-4 sessions. Overtime, the joints and muscles will return to place and relax. Barring an unusual trigger, almost all cases of torticollis are resolved successfully in a matter of a couple of weeks, at the most. While very painful and generally annoying, torticollis or neck pain isn't a serious situation. It is important to correct torticollis early on so as to avoid any facial asymmetry or undue lingering neck pain.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind When Looking For A Chiropractor

Monday, July 18th, 2011
When you need to see a chiropractor, you don't want to leave the job to just anyone. You need somebody you can trust to crack your back. Once you start looking, your head will spin with all the different styles, philosophies and methods they use. So, how do you find the right chiropractic practitioner? 

Word Of Mouth is still the best way to start. Ask your doctor for the names of a few good chiropractors. Your primary care physician will be able to direct you to some chiropractic offices that are well known, trustworthy and reputable. If you have any friends who have had work done, ask them for names. It's always best to go with a clinic that is turning out happy customers whose back problems have vanished because of their excellent quality treatment.

Is the clinic legit? Here are a few easy ways to tell if a practitioner is the real thing. First, they should have completed 4 years of advanced chiropractic training from an accredited institution. Look for their diploma and credentials on the wall. Second, they must have a license to practice in your state. This should be prominently displayed in their clinic. If they don't have it, or if they start telling you reasons why they don't have it, skip them. There are lots of practitioners out there, and not all of them are legitimate.

During the consultation, a good chiropractor will take a thorough history and give you a complete physical, orthopedic, and neurological exam. The chiropractor should palpate for any misalignments or abnormalities. They should look at the areas that hurt as well as the surrounding areas that may indirectly affect your area of complaint. You don't need a lot of x-rays a minimal series might be adequate to diagnose your problem.

Some chiropractors primarily provide treatment for symptomatic relief, while others believe in providing some degree of rehabilitation of underlying problems, and still others do long-term treatment to permanently correct skeletal alignment as much as possible. The differences in these approaches are considerable when it comes to the frequency and duration of treatment prescribed. A good chiropractor will give you honest expectations about how many visits you might need before you see real noticeable results. But most importantly, go with what feels right to you.

Chiropractic Care Can Enhance Your Health And Overall Well-Being

Thursday, May 19th, 2011
A chiropractor is able to alleviate a host of symptoms associated with your musculoskeletal system. The most common symptoms presented to a chiropractor are headaches, migraines, neck, back, and shoulder pain. Chiropractic is a holistic approach to pain management and the alleviation of symptoms associated with misalignments of the joints and vertebrae. Chiropractic care however is intended to extend health beyond just the alleviation of symptoms. Spinal adjustments allow the free flow of nerve impulses which facilitate overall health to the body. As every cell in the human body is governed by nerve impulses, it is vitally important that these nerves send information free of interference. The application of gentle spinal adjustments removes nerve pressure and allows proper nerve conduction.
The main focus in chiropractic care is placed upon the proper alignment of the vertebrae and associated joints. Proper balance and functioning of the joints is of importance to the continued health and well being of every patient. Attention is also placed upon the proper functioning of your neurological system, as pinched nerves and neuralgia can adversely affect a patient’s quality of life.
Posture correction therapy involves the use of exercises to strengthen your core muscles to help better support your entire frame. Once strengthened, they aid in supporting the correct positioning of your spinal column to ensure adequate flexibility and mobility for your entire frame.
An improper posture can result in neck and upper back pain and is a large contributor to headaches and shoulder blade pain. Tingling, burning and numbness experienced in the areas mentioned above are symptoms of pinched nerves and can be alleviated through chiropractic care.
A chiropractic adjustment is the usage of gentle physical pressure applied to an affected joint. The application of external pressure works to correct the misalignment therefore removing fixation of the joints and allowing proper mobility. Your chiropractor is also qualified to give advice to patients regarding nutrition, weight loss and safe exercise routines to help maintain health and fitness.

The Chiropractors Of New Century Spine Centers in San Diego Announce New Affordable Treatment For Back Pain, Sciatica, Numbness, and Whiplash.

Monday, April 18th, 2011
Spinal decompression therapy and chiropractic care are great options for the treatment of back and leg pain, but the price tag may be too hard for some to afford. Dr. Michael Pritsker is one of the chiropractors at New Century Spine Centers. The chiropractors at the San Diego office are now making it more affordable than ever for those suffering from disc pain and injury to get the treatment they need without breaking the bank. In this struggling economy, finding the right chiropractor at the right cost is very important.
Spinal disc bulges and disc herniations can cause conditions such as sciatica, thoracic outlet syndrome, leg pain, numbness, neuralgia, neuropathy, back pain and more. Some of the most common treatment options for these conditions are chiropractic care, massage therapy and spinal decompression therapy with the DRX900 and similar machines. For some people with disc degeneration, these options have been described by some as a miracle and the treatment that eliminated all their pain and solved their problem. Unfortunately for some, the cost of treatment is more than they can bear and patients are left suffering in pain. With insurance companies covering less treatment options and insurance premiums going up every year, there must be more affordable options.
Dr. Carissa Hang, DC states “many times we have a patient who we know we can help, but sometimes affording the treatment for them can be the most difficult.” With the high technology for the newer back pain treatment equipment, of course comes higher price tags. And with insurance companies paying less and less, the end result is that the patient ends up having to cover the cost.
Dr. Michael Pritsker, DC and the other chiropractors at New Century Spine Centers are teaming up with other health professionals to find ways to help patients suffering from back and leg pain get the treatment they need. There are primarily three effective treatment options for sciatica and arthritis, but many patients may find it difficult to afford regular care. These three treatment options are chiropractic care, spinal decompression therapy, and massage therapy.
Chiropractic care in San Diego by licensed chiropractors is a great treatment option for those suffering from whiplash from a car accident, sciatica from disc injury, arm pain from thoracic outlet syndrome, and back pain from sprains and strains. The chiropractors at San Diego’s New Century Spine Centers try to assist many patients to help make their chiropractic care affordable by being in network on many insurance plans including Blue Shield, Blue Cross, Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna, American Specialty Health Plans and more. They also offer affordable financing and monthly payment options. New Century Spine Centers also offers an affordable initial exam to find out if you are a candidate for chiropractic care. The first visit can be as low as $17 with a coupon that can be printed off their website.
Spinal decompression therapy has been shown to be an effective treatment option for degenerative disc disease, sciatica, herniated discs, bulging discs, back pain, facet syndrome, whiplash, numbness and tingling. Compared to spinal disc surgery, spinal decompression can be an affordable treatment option costing thousands less than spinal fusion. At, those suffering from back and neck pain can get more information about chiropractic care and spinal decompression therapy.
Massage therapy in San Diego is a great treatment option for muscle spasms, tension, stress, headaches, sprains and strains. Massage is an effective form of therapy, but regular massage therapy can end up being costly. With more and more Chinese reflexology massage centers popping up throughout San Diego, massage is becoming more affordable than ever. However, making sure that you get the right massage for your condition can become difficult. The chiropractors at New Century Spine Centers have searched throughout San Diego for the best and most affordable massage center and they recommend the upcoming Happy Head Foot Reflexology and Massage center in Hillcrest. Their price for a foot reflexology massage is only $29 and they will be working closely with chiropractors and other health professionals to offer the best and right massage. Their website for more massage information in San Diego is They are scheduled to open in June 2011.
New Century Spine Centers is located in the mission valley area of San Diego. The chiropractors have decades of experience and have collectively treated thousands of patients. They have set up a toll free 24 hour recorded line for those interested in getting a free report detailing some of the latest and advanced therapies to get rid of back, neck and leg pain. The number is 1-888-611-2042. To reach New Century Spine Centers directly, those interested in the treatment of back pain can call 619-630-9153. The chiropractors at New Century Spine Centers are paving the way to help make the treatment of back pain more affordable than ever.

San Diego Chiropractic Care Techniques Are Offering Hope For Headache Victims

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011
Dr. Mike Pritsker, a chiropractor at New Century Spine Centers in San Diego is offering new hope for people with terrible headaches and neck pain. Dr. Michael Pritsker uses a new Triton spinal decompression technology that is now available for the treatment of neck spasms, disc injuries, neck disc bulges, and headaches.
A large number Americans suffer from headaches. These can be tension headaches all the way to migraines and cluster headaches. Headaches can affect your physical state in such a way that it affects your activities of daily living and the way you function. Not only can headaches cause the actual pain in your head, but they can also cause other symptoms such as nausea, eye pain, fatigue, and sensitivity to light and sound. Many headaches are often treated with medication, which can only give short-term relief. Unfortunately, after the effect of the drug wears off, then you get to experience the same headache that you had before you took the medication. Sometimes you wonder whether there is a way to completely fix this problem totally, instead of just relying on these short-term drugs that only mask the symptoms.
So how does specialized chiropractic care and cervical spinal decompression help patients with headaches and migraines? Many times headaches can result from a misalignment of the spinal vertebrae in the neck and mid back. Sometimes the headaches can also be caused by damage in the neck to the disc structure. This misalignment can cause the muscles of the upper shoulder and neck to become tight. This combination of misaligned vertebrae and tight muscles can cause compression on nerves, which can then cause a headache.
Chiropractic treatment in San Diego for headaches involves realigning the vertebrae of the neck and upper back. Spinal decompression addresses the disc problem in the neck. By correcting the misalignment with proper chiropractic care, the neck and shoulder muscles can then relax and get rid of the pain. Correcting these issues can then relieve the pressure on the nerves, which can then relieve the headache. Chiropractic treatment can also involve treating the tight muscles with massage therapy or electronic muscle stimulation, which can further facilitate the relief of the headaches.
For those that suffer with long-term headaches or migraines, consistent chiropractic care can decrease the amount of episodes a person may suffer. Spinal decompression may fix the condition permanently. If there are nerves somewhere in the neck area that have been irritated or blocked for a long time, then they receive fewer and fewer stimuli as time goes on. Consistent chiropractic care by a professional specialized chiropractor can relieve the pressure on these nerves so that the migraine sufferer can get less and less attacks as time goes by. Eventually, the body will continue to maintain this corrected state, thus the problem is then fixed for the long-term.
Nothing is worse than having a terrible headache. Bad headaches are one of the most debilitating pains that someone can suffer. So if you are tired of just taking pills that only cause the symptoms to subside for a short time, then trying out new things like chiropractic and spinal decompression can be your best option. Finding a reliable chiropractor can be as quick as asking family or friends who they recommend. New Century Spine Centers is located in San Diego. They can be reached by calling 619-630-9153.headache pain

Benefits Of Using Chiropractic For Back Pain

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

When back pain strikes, it can bring your everyday activities to a screeching halt. But for a person who doesn’t like the idea of using traditional pain medications to treat back ailments, a chiropractor is a viable option.

Chiropractors are trained to treat conditions that are caused by misalignment of the spine, as well as other conditions that affect the central nervous system. Some of the most common conditions treated by a chiropractor include: fibromyalgia, poor postural alignment, strains and sprains, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, osteoarthritis and sciatica.

A chiropractor is required to do two to four years of undergraduate studies, and then spend a specified amount of time at a licensed chiropractic college. Before a chiropractor can treat patients legally, he must pass a national and state examination. To find out if your chiropractor is licensed to operate in your area, contact the local Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Chiropractors use a number of drug-free methods to treat back pain. These methods often include massage, hydrotherapy, decompression, and spinal realignment. Massage relieves pain in the back by releasing endorphins and easing muscle spasms. There are several types of massage used to treat back pain. Talk to your chiropractor to see which one is best for you. If you have blood clots, cancer, or are pregnant, talk to a doctor before getting a massage. Hydrotherapy is commonly used by chiropractors to relieve pain in the back. This type of therapy can include sitting in a pool of warm water, or using ice packs on the affected area. Spinal decompression therapy is used to treat conditions such as degenerative disc disease and herniated discs. Decompression therapy uses vacuum pressure to relieve pressure and restore fluids and nutrients to the discs. Ultrasound is commonly equated with pregnancy, but this machine can be used by chiropractors to treat back pain. This method uses ultrasound waves to warm the tissue, and reduce swelling in the back.

Spinal realignment requires a chiropractor to use a specialized technique to readjust the spine and improve alignment. Modern equipment makes it possible to adjust the spine painlessly and without any “back popping.” If natural treatment methods are not an enough to manage back pain and drugs are needed, a chiropractor can point you in the direction of a doctor who can help.

A quality chiropractor not only treats conditions of the spine, they offer education to help patients keep these problems from reoccurring in the future. Regular exercise, good posture, weight loss, and proper sleep habits are some of the recommendations chiropractors will make to patients to help keep back pain at bay. A chiropractor is trained to carry out his job duties effectively by offering a wide range of drug-free treatment options to manage conditions of the spine and central nervous system.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome May Have Absolutely Nothing To Do With Your Wrist!

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) maybe one of the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed and mistreated conditions in modern medicine. It’s a crying shame because countless carpal tunnel victims could end their pain and suffering…almost overnight…if they only knew what I’m about to reveal to you.

I’m serious. If you’re suffering with CTS, what you’re about to discover can literally give you your life back. If you know anyone battling carpal tunnel, give them this newsletter. You may be responsible for changing their life. So, without any further adieu, let’s jump right into it. Here are the facts: The U.S. Department of Labor has concluded that carpal tunnel syndrome is a “chief occupational hazard – disabling workers in epidemic proportions.” Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affects over 8 – million Americans.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the #1 reported medical problem, accounting for about 50% of all work related injuries. Only 25% of all Carpal Tunnel Syndrome patients were able to return to their previous professions following surgery. Up to 36% of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome patients require unlimited medical treatment. Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the second most common type of surgery, with well over 230,000 procedures performed annually.

I don’t know about you, but reading those statistics tells me something is wrong…radically wrong…with the “accepted” methods of treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out surgery is NOT the way to go when 230,000 are being performed each year and only 25% are able to return to their previous jobs. And returning to work does NOT mean pain-free. I wonder how many of that 25% were actually pain free? Add in the inherent risks of all surgeries (like the ones that go horribly wrong) and your option of going under the knife starts looking like a DISTANT last resort. NOT a valid first option.

So, What Other Options Do You Have? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has traditionally been defined as an entrapment of the median nerve inside the carpal tunnel of your wrist. The floor of the carpal tunnel is made of eight carpal…or…“wrist” bones. They are odd shaped and fit together kind of like a puzzle. Ligaments (which are like fishing line) help hold the bones together. The roof of the tunnel is a ligament – the transverse carpal ligament – that stretches from one side of the tunnel to the other. The space that is formed between the carpal bones and the transverse carpal ligament is about the size of your pinky. A bunch of “things” pass through that small space, including: nine flexor tendons (tendons attach muscle to bone), blood vessels and ONE nerve, the median nerve, which is the primary nerve to your hand.

The traditional definition of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is compression of the median nerve as it passes through that tunnel. Nerves are like tiny wires that transmit electrical impulses from your brain and spinal cord to the rest of your body. Every time you want to move your hand, your brain sends electrical impulses down the median nerve to the muscles in your hand, causing them to contract. Nerves are VERY sensitive and can easily get “pinched” or “compressed.” If the median nerve gets pinched or compressed as it passes through the carpal tunnel — it causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is commonly thought that an injury or repetitive stress to the wrist can cause such an injury.

Here’s the problem with all that: there is another condition that causes the exact same symptoms as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that has little or nothing to do with the wrist! This condition is called Double Crush Syndrome and here’s how it works: There are many sites that can compress a nerve as it goes from your brain and spinal cord to your wrist. Simply put, Double Crush Syndrome occurs when you have multiple compression sites.

More importantly, a compression site closer to the spinal cord (closer to your neck) and brain makes it much easier for a nerve to be compressed elsewhere…like the wrist. In plain English…You Would NOT Have Carpal Tunnel Symptoms If You Only Had Compression In Your Wrist. It Is The COMBINATION Of The Compression Sites That Causes The Problem!!! So, in most case, if you remove the entrapment or compression that is closer to the spine (neck), many, if notall, of your symptoms will go away without ever touching the wrist!!!

The most common sites of compression or entrapment are – - a muscle in your forearm called the pronator teres, the thoracic outlet (by your shoulder), and your neck. The most common place seems to be as the nerve exits your spine in your neck. Is There A Solution? That’s why specific Chiropractic care can work wonders for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome when all else has failed. By gently restoring function of your neck via chiropractic care, compression on the nerve can be relieved… eliminating Double Crush Syndrome… the TRUE cause of your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

A complete Chiropractic evaluation can also detect if your carpal tunnel symptoms are coming from one of theother compression/entrapment sites like your forearm, shoulder or wrist…and work on those areas as well. The important thing to remember is you must be evaluated by a doctor that understands Double Crush Syndrome and evaluate you for all the possible compression sites and fix them properly. A hand specialist may completely overlook the REAL cause of your problem…Double Crush Syndrome. If you are suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), be sure your doctor has thoroughly examined you to determine if your CTS is due to Double Crush Syndrome. A proper examination for CTS would include the entire arm and neck in order to trace the full length of the nerve. Since the neck is the most common site for a Double Crush to occur, a consultation with a cervical spine specialist (Chiropractor) would be in your best interests, especially if you’ve been recommended for carpal tunnel surgery. Only by identifying the true cause can your doctor accurately treat and relieve your condition.

cts tx in San Diego

Carpal tunnel treatment in San Diego

Can Chiropractic Get To The Cause Of A Headache

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Continuous headaches are a mystery to many of us. As a chiropractor, I regularly treat headaches and migraines. Why they occur seems to be the most common question to many health care providers. Some patients’ migraine headaches can be easily explained but many seem to get headaches for no apparent reason at all. An often-overlooked cause of headaches is the spine and spinal trauma to the neck. How does this occur to many individuals?

There are delicate attachments of connective tissue that link muscles in your neck areas around your spinal cord. One theory to the headaches is that tension can develop in these structures producing headaches and head pain. Another possibility to headaches is that they may be due to forward head posture.

Forward head posture occurs when the head is thrust forward in the classic bad posture pose. This is a little like a turtle neck. It is also sometimes referred to as a military neck. This can remove the natural curve in the neck causing undue stress on the spine and head. Since the head is quite heavy weighing approximately 10-14 pounds, the muscles have to counter this weight. When the neck muscles resist the load of the head, they can develop tensions, knots, trigger points, and sometimes spasms in the neck. Normally the head is more balanced over both the shoulders.

Another neck problem that may cause headaches is a joint injury/sprain that can occur after whiplash trauma from a car accident. Over some time, this may lead to joint blockage where there is not the normal free and fluid motion from side to side. Quite often other joints must compensate for this lack of movement with hypermobility of the joints. Your muscles can become tense in these areas to protect the spine from unnatural movements overall.

These types of disorders are very common in society. They should be ruled out before leaning towards using medications over the long term. It is always important to have an accurate diagnosis before proceeding with any treatment. If your headaches have become chronic long-term and just never seem to go away, it is a sign that you are not getting to the cause of the problem.

Correcting neck disorders when they occur is always a best bet when it comes to treatment. Headache can sometimes seem to come out of nowhere. If there is history of neck trauma in your past, the neck can and should be a part of your headache management strategy. At the minimum the neck needs to be examined by the proper physician.

Chiropractic care has been shown in multiple clinical trials to help patients with both tension-type and migraine headaches. In these studies, the neck or cervical spine is adjusted based on local problems of poor posture and mobility. The chiropractors at New Century Spine Centers in San Diego use chiropractic care, active release technique, and spinal decompression therapy to fix the cause of headaches.