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Whiplash and Chiropractic Management

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Whiplash injuries occur as the result of a sudden acceleration followed by deceleration, and the degree of injury is dependent on many factors. Some of these include: the size of the vehicle, the conditions of the road, the angle of the seat back, the “springiness” of the seat back, the position of the head rest, the size of the patient’s neck, the position of the patient’s head and neck at the time of impact, the awareness of the impending collision, etc. Hence, each case must be evaluated and managed using a unique, individualized approach.

The chiropractic encounter begins with the history and examination. Here we will ask many questions and perform tests that will give us clues to understand the mechanism of injury, identify the primary tissues injured, and determine the best treatment approaches to utilize.

There are many different chiropractic treatment approaches available for patients with whiplash injuries. For example, manual therapies include spinal manipulation, mobilization, manual traction, muscle relaxation and/or stimulation methods, the assessment of the patient’s physical capacities with issuing specific exercises and, considerations of modifying work station issues and/or lifestyle changes. Chiropractic manipulation is a very common approach utilized in the treatment of joint dysfunction. That is, restoring normal movement to the joints affected negatively by the whiplash injury. Terms such as, “stuck,” “fixed,” “subluxation,” and the like are often used to describe altered joint position or function. Typically, the manipulation (also called “adjustment”) is applied well within the normal range of motion of the joint using a “high velocity” (or fast) movement through a short distance in the direction that attempts to correct the joint dysfunction. Because the procedure is quick and of short distance, patients frequently state, “…that felt great!” In fact, if the pre-adjustment position of the patient hurts or is uncomfortable, we will instead use a slow, mobilizing movement.

Exercise strategies are important and typically employed as soon as possible. The type of exercise is (again) case specific, but in general, exercises are initially prescribed in a manner that restores movement with as little discomfort as possible. Following the goal of increasing range of motion, strengthening the injured region with stabilization exercises, and restoring sensory-motor activity to the muscles becomes the primary focus in the management of the whiplash patient. When the intervertebral disks are “deranged” or altered, directions that minimize radiating pain are emphasized in the exercises. After careful in-office training, the patient is instructed to perform exercises at home, often multiple times a day, for stability of the spine and to re-establish motor control and movement. Ergonomic and daily lifestyle modifications are frequently addressed to avoid the possibility of the condition being irritated on a regular basis, thus interfering with the healing process. If a patient is stressing the injured area at work, job modifications can make or break the success of the management program.

We realize you have a choice in where you choose your healthcare services.  If you, a friend or family member requires care for whiplash, we sincerely appreciate the trust and confidence shown by choosing our services and look forward in serving you and your family presently and, in the future.

Survey Says Chiropractic Outperforms Other Back Pain Treatment Options

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Visit www.backcaretreatment.comIf you have back pain you are probably old enough to remember Richard Dawson first yelling the “Survey Says” phrase on the popular 70s and 80s game show, The Family Feud. If not then it doesn’t matter. You just learned something interesting about American pop culture and game show history. So what does the survey really say? According to an August 9, 2011 article on, “In a new survey, chiropractic outperformed all other back pain treatments including prescription and over-the-counter medications, deep-tissue massage, yoga, and Pilates.

According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), this news reinforces the use of conservative care options such as chiropractic care in San Diego as a first line of defense against pain. The survey, released by a leading consumer product rating and survey publisher in late July, found that 65 percent of those surveyed using chiropractic care for back pain said it helped a lot. Only 53 percent of respondents using prescription medications found them as helpful. “Additionally, about half of those surveyed who are using yoga or Pilates said those treatments helped a lot and only 28 percent of respondents using over-the-counter medications reported that they helped a lot.

“Current evidence-based guidelines support the use of conservative care such as chiropractic for conditions such as chronic lower back pain.” One serious eye-opener was that only 28% of respondents said over-the-counter medications helped a lot. It has been known for quite some time that common over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAID) have serious side effects. One of these side effects is that an estimated 16,500 people die every year. Natural, conservative options like Chiropractic, deep tissue massage, yoga, and Pilates are most likely better and safer choices when it comes to relieving back pain.

Neck pain is also very common and it can make your life miserable. If you suffer from headaches there is a very good chance you suffer from a common type of headache called “cervicogenic headache.” This type of headache is caused by a problem in your neck. One way to tell you might suffer from cervicogenic headaches is to identify if any neck motions cause the headaches or increase their severity.

Also, take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Does your head tilt to one side? Is your head posture bad? In other words, does your head stick out in front of you instead of sitting back over your torso? You’ll probably need a trained eye (like your Chiropractor’s) to see that one. Chiropractors like the chiropractors at New Century Spine Centers in San Diego are trained to spot problems in the spine.

According to an “evidence report” published by Duke University researchers, “Cervical spinal manipulation was associated with improvement in headaches in two trials involving patients with neck pain and/or neck dysfunction and headache. Manipulation appeared to result in immediate improvement in headache severity when used to treat episodes of cervicogenic (from the neck) headaches when compared with an attention-placebo control. Furthermore, when compared to soft-tissue therapies, a course of manipulation treatments resulted in sustained improvement in headache frequency and severity. However, among patients without a neck pain/dysfunction component to their headache syndrome – that is, patients with episodic or chronic tension-type headaches – the effectiveness of cervical spinal manipulation was less clear.”

How To Prevent Chronic Ear Infection With Regular Chiropractic Care

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Any responsible parent cannot bear to see their child in great pain. Seeing the child develop ear infection is a parent’s nightmare. It causes an unexplainable pain which makes the parents worry about their children’s welfare. Therefore, the parents look for convenient ways to manage and cure their children’s condition.

The children’s Eustachian tube (tube that links the pharynx to the middle ear) is smaller in diameter when compared with an adult’s tube. For this reason, younger children are more susceptible to ear infections. Typically, this results to difficulty of draining the fluid whenever the child experiences or gets cold. If a misalignment of a vertebrae exist, it will press on the Eustachian tubes and prevent the middle ear from draining. Fluid will continually build up in the middle ear and infections will reoccur. If this is left untreated, it may lead to damage of the ear drums which in turn would result to deafness.

Doctors will immediately provide antibiotics for children with ear infections. However, antibiotics can only be effective for bacterial ear infections and not on viral conditions. And although medication can cure bacterial infections, they cannot ultimately stop its reoccurrence. In addition, excessive antibiotic intake can lead to the development of a more serious drug-resistant infection. A child who experiences this ailment may possibly need to undergo some surgical management requiring general anesthesia. Obviously, this does not sound pleasant to both parents and child.

So, what then would be a great alternative for this? A management that is more conventional and appeasing is chiropractic adjustment. A chiropractor will manipulate bones of the neck and spine in order to unblock the fluids that caused infection in the ear. This chiropractic rehabilitation will correct any misalignments, known as subluxations, in the musculoskeletal system. As a result, the drainage of fluid from the middle ear would return to normal. With consistent chiropractic care, reoccurrence of ear infection will be minimal.

If parents cannot afford the expensive ear-tube surgery and cannot bear to see their child suffer from such a drastic management, then there is always another more natural and affordable option of curing their child from ear infection. This option is called chiropractic rehabilitation. Many parents can testify how chiropractic therapy helped their child become well again. Furthermore, they can testify how chiropractic prevented reoccurrence of the infection.

In conclusion, parents know how hard it is for their children to experience ear infections. They cannot bear to see their children in pain. Early and prompt treatment is necessary to avoid serious complications that can lead to a full blown ear infection. Many parents can testify how chiropractic care helped their children from ear infections. Not only can chiropractic therapy correct the condition, it can also prevent future ear infections.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind When Looking For A Chiropractor

Monday, July 18th, 2011
When you need to see a chiropractor, you don't want to leave the job to just anyone. You need somebody you can trust to crack your back. Once you start looking, your head will spin with all the different styles, philosophies and methods they use. So, how do you find the right chiropractic practitioner? 

Word Of Mouth is still the best way to start. Ask your doctor for the names of a few good chiropractors. Your primary care physician will be able to direct you to some chiropractic offices that are well known, trustworthy and reputable. If you have any friends who have had work done, ask them for names. It's always best to go with a clinic that is turning out happy customers whose back problems have vanished because of their excellent quality treatment.

Is the clinic legit? Here are a few easy ways to tell if a practitioner is the real thing. First, they should have completed 4 years of advanced chiropractic training from an accredited institution. Look for their diploma and credentials on the wall. Second, they must have a license to practice in your state. This should be prominently displayed in their clinic. If they don't have it, or if they start telling you reasons why they don't have it, skip them. There are lots of practitioners out there, and not all of them are legitimate.

During the consultation, a good chiropractor will take a thorough history and give you a complete physical, orthopedic, and neurological exam. The chiropractor should palpate for any misalignments or abnormalities. They should look at the areas that hurt as well as the surrounding areas that may indirectly affect your area of complaint. You don't need a lot of x-rays a minimal series might be adequate to diagnose your problem.

Some chiropractors primarily provide treatment for symptomatic relief, while others believe in providing some degree of rehabilitation of underlying problems, and still others do long-term treatment to permanently correct skeletal alignment as much as possible. The differences in these approaches are considerable when it comes to the frequency and duration of treatment prescribed. A good chiropractor will give you honest expectations about how many visits you might need before you see real noticeable results. But most importantly, go with what feels right to you.

Chiropractic Care Can Enhance Your Health And Overall Well-Being

Thursday, May 19th, 2011
A chiropractor is able to alleviate a host of symptoms associated with your musculoskeletal system. The most common symptoms presented to a chiropractor are headaches, migraines, neck, back, and shoulder pain. Chiropractic is a holistic approach to pain management and the alleviation of symptoms associated with misalignments of the joints and vertebrae. Chiropractic care however is intended to extend health beyond just the alleviation of symptoms. Spinal adjustments allow the free flow of nerve impulses which facilitate overall health to the body. As every cell in the human body is governed by nerve impulses, it is vitally important that these nerves send information free of interference. The application of gentle spinal adjustments removes nerve pressure and allows proper nerve conduction.
The main focus in chiropractic care is placed upon the proper alignment of the vertebrae and associated joints. Proper balance and functioning of the joints is of importance to the continued health and well being of every patient. Attention is also placed upon the proper functioning of your neurological system, as pinched nerves and neuralgia can adversely affect a patient’s quality of life.
Posture correction therapy involves the use of exercises to strengthen your core muscles to help better support your entire frame. Once strengthened, they aid in supporting the correct positioning of your spinal column to ensure adequate flexibility and mobility for your entire frame.
An improper posture can result in neck and upper back pain and is a large contributor to headaches and shoulder blade pain. Tingling, burning and numbness experienced in the areas mentioned above are symptoms of pinched nerves and can be alleviated through chiropractic care.
A chiropractic adjustment is the usage of gentle physical pressure applied to an affected joint. The application of external pressure works to correct the misalignment therefore removing fixation of the joints and allowing proper mobility. Your chiropractor is also qualified to give advice to patients regarding nutrition, weight loss and safe exercise routines to help maintain health and fitness.

San Diego Chiropractic Care Techniques Are Offering Hope For Headache Victims

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011
Dr. Mike Pritsker, a chiropractor at New Century Spine Centers in San Diego is offering new hope for people with terrible headaches and neck pain. Dr. Michael Pritsker uses a new Triton spinal decompression technology that is now available for the treatment of neck spasms, disc injuries, neck disc bulges, and headaches.
A large number Americans suffer from headaches. These can be tension headaches all the way to migraines and cluster headaches. Headaches can affect your physical state in such a way that it affects your activities of daily living and the way you function. Not only can headaches cause the actual pain in your head, but they can also cause other symptoms such as nausea, eye pain, fatigue, and sensitivity to light and sound. Many headaches are often treated with medication, which can only give short-term relief. Unfortunately, after the effect of the drug wears off, then you get to experience the same headache that you had before you took the medication. Sometimes you wonder whether there is a way to completely fix this problem totally, instead of just relying on these short-term drugs that only mask the symptoms.
So how does specialized chiropractic care and cervical spinal decompression help patients with headaches and migraines? Many times headaches can result from a misalignment of the spinal vertebrae in the neck and mid back. Sometimes the headaches can also be caused by damage in the neck to the disc structure. This misalignment can cause the muscles of the upper shoulder and neck to become tight. This combination of misaligned vertebrae and tight muscles can cause compression on nerves, which can then cause a headache.
Chiropractic treatment in San Diego for headaches involves realigning the vertebrae of the neck and upper back. Spinal decompression addresses the disc problem in the neck. By correcting the misalignment with proper chiropractic care, the neck and shoulder muscles can then relax and get rid of the pain. Correcting these issues can then relieve the pressure on the nerves, which can then relieve the headache. Chiropractic treatment can also involve treating the tight muscles with massage therapy or electronic muscle stimulation, which can further facilitate the relief of the headaches.
For those that suffer with long-term headaches or migraines, consistent chiropractic care can decrease the amount of episodes a person may suffer. Spinal decompression may fix the condition permanently. If there are nerves somewhere in the neck area that have been irritated or blocked for a long time, then they receive fewer and fewer stimuli as time goes on. Consistent chiropractic care by a professional specialized chiropractor can relieve the pressure on these nerves so that the migraine sufferer can get less and less attacks as time goes by. Eventually, the body will continue to maintain this corrected state, thus the problem is then fixed for the long-term.
Nothing is worse than having a terrible headache. Bad headaches are one of the most debilitating pains that someone can suffer. So if you are tired of just taking pills that only cause the symptoms to subside for a short time, then trying out new things like chiropractic and spinal decompression can be your best option. Finding a reliable chiropractor can be as quick as asking family or friends who they recommend. New Century Spine Centers is located in San Diego. They can be reached by calling 619-630-9153.headache pain

The Simple Secret That DOUBLES Your Chance Of Living For Over 100 Years

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

How would you like to live past 100? I guess that’s kind of a loaded question. Like the show, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” Of course you do! Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? Well, not Bill Gates. Becoming a millionaire would make him poor; at least, RELATIVELY poor. Everything is relative. For example, living to 100 doesn’t interest me… if… I’m sick or in pain. On the other hand – I’d love to join the century club as long as the quality of my life… and health… was great.

You see, it’s all VERY relative.

That’s being said, here are the findings of a recent study that identified something that doubles your chance of reaching… and living past… the age of 100…

Here are the results according to an article in Earth times: “The researchers, Dr. Leonid Gavrilov and Dr. Natalia Gavrilova, say the age at which a mother gives birth is a major factor in the number of years the offspring lives. The chances of the child living up the age of 100 and beyond are almost double for a child born to a woman below 25 years of age.” The husband and wife team had previously discovered birth order is a major factor in longevity. For example, first-born children, especially daughters, are more likely to live past 100 years of age. The recent study shows the age of the mother is more important than any of the other factors. Gavrilov and Gavrilova used data from the U.S. Census, the Social Security Administration and

genealogical records to identify 198 centenarians born in the U.S. from 1890 to 1893 and then traced their family histories to establish possible predictors of their longevity. They found being born to a young mother had an important role in reaching the age of 100. There are other factors also like growing up in the Western part of the U.S., spending part of one’s childhood on a farm and being born first. They feel the study needs further elaboration and deeper research. Gavrilov suspects the younger women’s eggs are different in their quality, and the best ones, the most vigorous, go first to fertilization. The researchers are of the opinion that their findings may have important social implications because many women tend to postpone childbearing to later ages due to career demands.

Good News And Bad News…

There appears to be both good news and some bad news. For example, if your mother was under the age of 25 when you were born… you’re probably doing back flips right now. On the other hand, if your mother was a little older when you were born, you may be a little depressed by what you just read. Well, the real truth of the matter is: you shouldn’t be too elated or discouraged by what Dr. Garilov and Dr. Garilova uncovered…

Here’s why: The first thing to understand is that correlation is not causation. This “study” was comprised of data from 198 people who were born from 1890 – 1893. 198 is not a lot of people and may not be representative of the overall population. In other words, just because a certain percentage of the study group who lived to be over 100 years old were born to a mother under the age of 25 does not necessarily mean that was the CAUSE of anything. For example – let’s say we were trying to find out what causes certain people to have high IQs. So, we looked at some data of 198 people with IQs of 150 and above. And in that data, we found that a high percentage of these people’s parents had blue eyes. Would your conclusion be that blue eyes are a cause of high IQ? Of course not! It is simply a correlation that has nothing to do with causation, especially if your data came from a part of the world where a large portion of the population has blue eyes!!!!

The second important thing about the study is that 1890 – 1893 was a long, long, long time ago. In terms of health and what we know about health…

It Is An Eternity!!!

To put this in perspective, let’s take a look at a few key medical discoveries and when they took place (plus a few nonmedical facts to make it even more interesting!):

1895: D.D. Palmer discovers Chiropractic. Wilhelm Roentgen discovers X-rays and the technology is immediately introduced into medicine.

1900: The invention of an easy-to-use device to measure blood pressure leads to the discovery of a new disease: hypertension. Measuring blood pressure gradually appears in general practice

1905: Scientists identify the organism responsible for Syphilis: Treponema pallidum.

1918-1919: Worldwide epidemic of influenza kills an estimated 20 million people (World population is approx. 1.5 billion at that time.)

1922: Banting discovers insulin.

1928: Fleming discovers penicillin, but basically ignores its implications. It is not developed as an antibiotic until 1941.

1935 – Social Security Act is signed into law. Something to think about: At the time of its passing, the age to start collecting is 65 and the average lifespan? 67.

1936: Volwiler and Tabern discover the general anesthetic Pentothal, which is administered intravenously.

1945: Women first admitted to Harvard Medical School.

1949 – Last case of Smallpox in the United States.

1950: First organ transplant. First modern credit card introduced.

1951: Color T.V. introduced. Truman signs peace treaty with Japan… officially ending World War II.

1952: Car seat belt introduced. Polio vaccine created.

1953: Watson and Crick discover DNA.

1954: Report says cigarette smoke causes cancer. Segregation ruled illegal in the United States.

1960: The Laser is invented.

1961: Soviets launch first man into space.

1967: First heart transplant. First Superbowl.

1969: Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to walk on the moon.

1970: Computer floppy disc introduced.

1971: VCR introduced.

1972: Pocket calculator introduced.

1978: First test tube baby.

1981: IBM introduces the first personal computer.

1987: DNA first used to convict criminals.

1989: President Bush announces that he does not like broccoli.

1993: Use of Internet grows exponentially.

1997: Scientists clone sheep.

Pretty interesting list… wouldn’t you say? It’s amazing that the Internet was virtually unknown only 13 years ago! And no one had a computer in his or her home 25 years ago! And that’s only a tiny fraction of all the changes that have taken place in the last 100 years. Incredible. This is why I’m not too sure you should be concerned about living to be 100 if your mother was over 25 when she gave birth to you. There are other factors that affect your lifespan that you can control such as weight, activity level (exercise) and stress.

…And remember, if you have any questions or concerns about your health, talk to us. Please contact us with your questions. We are here to help and enjoy participating in your life long good health.

5 Common Mistakes When Thinking About Your Painful Experience.

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

It would be safe to assume as a San Diego chiropractor that at one point or another you have had some type of ache in your body. This is a pretty secure assumption. I would bet that you have also had some kind of difficulty that was brought on by something very small. Let me give you an example to think about. You wake up in the morning and walk into the bathroom and as you go to squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube and you drop the lid on the floor. So you bend down to pick it up and zappo, lightning sharp ache shoots up your spine and back down again. You try to stand up straight but for some reason it feels like someone is pressing against your back causing you to hunch over and making it nearly impossible to straighten up.

Here’s another typical ache invoking experience. You rush out the door because you are late for your appointment. As you settle into the car you remember that you forgot your keys so you hurry back into the house retrieve them and return to the car. As you start the engine and turn your head to back out of the driveway…whammo, someone stuck you with a hot barbecue poker in the back of the neck causing you great difficulty to return your head to a normal position without feeling that searing ache that we all enjoy.

So it may not be a toothpaste lid or the turning of your head that provokes you to fall to your knees in anguish, but I am almost certain that you have experienced a similar type situation in which the action you performed such not have caused SO MUCH ACHE! There are a few different responses to this type of circumstances. Before we talk about those, let’s just get real philosophical for a moment.

If you were hanging out with Hippocrates right now at Starbucks sipping on a Latte and talking about life and science and the human experience, how do you think he would respond if you asked him if it was ordinary for the body to respond like yours did when you bent over to pick up that heavy toothpaste lid or when you whipped your head around to back the cart out of the dirt road. I would guess that he would first ask you what toothpaste was and then once that was cleared up he would tell you no. This is not a normal physiological response for your body to such a minimal action. The reaction does not equal the action. Okay, philosophy class being over let’s get back to how you would respond to this state of affairs. Here are 5 ordinary mistakes that I have observed from patients at the chiropractic office in San Diego who experience these types of situations.

1. I use a heating pad or I took a hot shower on the area and it felt great. I am not against heating pads or heat but here is the situation. When you have an acute injury you generally should not put heat on it. Heat opens up the blood vessels which are already engorged even more causing more swelling and fluid accumulation in the injured area. This will result in relaxation for up to 12 hours after heat use and then ache worse than the initial event after the trip to lala land has ended. There are exceptions but for the majority of people please resist the urge to use heat unless I’ve told otherwise.

2. I thought it would go away but it has been two to three weeks and the ache hasn’t stopped. Ouch, this one is not good! The real question from me to you is why you thought that the ache would go away. Let me give you a simple analogy. Pretend the oil light on your car goes on, would you continue driving until it went out and just assume that the problem went away. I hope not. This is the best analogy that I can think of to relate to the ache signal that your body is sending you. Don’t pretend there isn’t something wrong. Get to the cause of the problem. Come get adjusted by a chiropractor immediately or as soon as possible after the initial event.

3. I don’t know why this happened, I am totally healthy, and there is nothing wrong with me. This is my favorite one from males. Guys, we have to admit to some facts. Women are much better at taking care of themselves then we are. The reason is because they are willing to tell someone when they aren’t feeling well and then they try to get help for it. Generally speaking, men are much more willing to put up with little problems that they experience. This is not good in the long run. One little crisis + one little difficulty + one problem = One BIG PROBLEM. The proof is that women tend to live something like 4 years longer than men. Surprise, surprise, I wonder if we men just think Oh well we aren’t going to live as long anyways so why not just put up with what we got and die sooner. This is of course some faulty logic because if we did take care of ourselves we would live longer.

4. I know that I only need one or two adjustments and everything will be fine.  Just crack my back and I’ll be all better. The only man I know in history who performed one treatment on someone and they were fine was Jesus. I am not Jesus. I don’t know any chiropractors named Jesus. Normally when people tell me the chiropractor fixed them in one adjustment and I look in their files, or consult with the other chiropractors I see that they have been adjusted 4 times on the low end and 8-10 on the high end (normal, about 6 visits) for an acute problem. My goal is to see you out of ache as quickly as possible so that you can function normally, but my goals do not end there! This leads me to the next common mistake.

5. Not getting adjusted by a chiropractor regularly to prevent these occurrences in your life. Now I am not saying that if you get regular adjustments your life is going to be perfect. Life is not perfect. I myself get regular adjustments. I don’t stop getting adjusted all together because I know that if I didn’t get regular adjustments and a flare up occurred, it would be a lot worse than it normally is. Our bodies are not perfect but if we work preventatively to keep things moving and aligned throughout the course of our lives a lot of these irritating aches could be avoided.

The joints of your spine are some of the key messengers of your nervous system. If they are not working there is no way for you to know because you cannot see them. Ache is your only signal and by then a lot of times it is already too late. Chiropractors are trained to detect problems with these joints and help prevent the ache before it occurs. Waiting too long will only cause more serious problems.

Science has proven that nerve endings are all affected during a chiropractic adjustment. The goal of chiropractic adjustment is to get you out of pain first of all, but to keep you ache free and fully functioning is the main idea. Chiropractors want to work with you to develop a healthy body which is firing on all cylinders so that you have a nervous system which is quick, alert, strong and ready to fight off any problems that you might encounter throughout the day. This is what regular chiropractic adjustments do. They help keep your central nervous system strong and healthy and give you the ability to live a better quality of life as far as your health is concerned. My desire is that you would all experience life and health to the fullest. For more information, contact New Century Spine Centers in San Diego at 619-630-9153. You can be treated by the best chiropractors and spinal decompression specialists.

Shocking Proof About How The Way You Think Can Relieve Pain And Cure Disease.

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Ever wonder why our healthcare system in the United States is in such shambles? Ever wonder why with all the amazing technology we have, and all the “breakthrough discoveries” you keep hearing about every night on the news, we are still a nation of chronic illness, pain and disease? Ever wonder why you keep suffering with aches, pains, and various illnesses and doctors never seem to help? Well the answer may shock you.

But first, a tiny piece of history so you understand where all this is coming from. This all started way back in the 17th Century with a physicist, physiologist and mathematician by the name of Rene Descartes. He’s the guy that said “I Think, Therefore I Am.” Descartes revolutionized “modern” thinking with his theory of dualism. In a nutshell, dualism says that the mind and body are completely separate. Descartes came up with his theory while meditating one morning. Then he actually made an agreement with the Roman Catholic Church that he, as a man of science, would restrict himself to the study of the physical body, while religion would deal with the “mind.” From that time on, studies of mind and body have for the most part, remained two distinct and separate fields. Scientists stayed within the realm of what they could see and measure. Meanwhile, those in the religious life lifted thought, reason, and emotion out of the body, into the realms of the spiritual. The first problem with this separation is that medicine used science as it’s ONLY measuring stick. Procedures are only used if they pass strict scientific testing. This means the procedures must be able to be seen and measured. If they can’t be seen and measured and proven through scientific experiment, they do not exist and will not be used in medicine.

What about this example? If you place your hand in a bucket of water, what happens to the water? It rises. It rises by the exact amount your hand takes up or displaces in the bucket. You know it happened because you can measure the level of the water. This happens every time, so it is called a law. It is known as the law of displacement. Now, what happens if I stick my hand in the ocean? Well, we know that your hand displaces water. It has to because it’s a law. The problem is…can you prove it? After all, you can’t measure it. You can’t see the results. So did the ocean actually rise? Absolutely! It rose in an immeasurable amount. At least immeasurable with the tools we have.

So what’s the point? The point is that by throwing out the mind-body connection simply because it could not be scientifically measured, medicine has ignored one of the most powerful healing forces known to man!

How do I know the mind-body connection is such an important healing force? In 1981 Neurobiologist David Felton at the University of Indiana discovered that the immune system is actually hard-wired to the brain through the nerve system. Why is this so important to you? In 1974, Ader, an experimental psychologist, made what most consider being one of the central discoveries of mind-body research. In the course of investigating conditioned response (Pavlov’s drooling-dog-and-bell concept), he was testing to see how long such a trained response might last in some laboratory rats. Using a combination of saccharine-laced water and the nausea-inducing drug Cytoxan, he had trained the rodents to associate the sweet stuff with a bad bellyache. Afterwards, while giving them saccharine-water without the accompanying Cytoxan, Ader watched to see how long it might take for them to forget the association between the two. Unexpectedly, during the second month, the rats began to fall prey to disease and die off. In investigating this unforeseen result, Ader checked into the properties of the nausea-inducing drug he had used and found that one of its side effects was as an immune suppressant. The rats had been conditioned to not only to associate sweet water with nausea, but also with an immune shutdown. The conclusion was obvious. Their minds were controlling their immune systems! Isn’t that amazing? The rats actually killed themselves just by thinking it! So, my question to you is, what are you thinking your immune system into doing? Are you thinking yourself healthy or sick? Here’s an even better question. Since your nerves serve as the communication lines between your brain and your body’s immune system, are you sure those lines are open so your brain can keep you healthy?

The bottom line is if you have misaligned or malfunctioning spinal bones, your brain cannot communicate properly with your body. And as you now know, this relates to the immune system. Having these spinal misalignments, also known as subluxations may not only cause pain, but also weaken your immune system and lead to sickness and possibly disease. The only way to keep your spine free from these subluxations and unnecessary pain and disease is by routinely getting your spine checked by your chiropractor just like you routinely brush your teeth and go to the dentist.