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Every day that you suffer with back pain and degeneration is a day you could have enjoyed exercising, playing with your kids, on the golf range and more. When suffering with low back pain and sciatica, just waking up in the morning is a chore.

I don't have to tell you that lower back pain is a terrible condition that not only robs you of your strength and motivation, but also in severe cases, can even strip you of the will to live.

Some say that if you've been suffering from back pain, it's not surprising if the pain and agony that you're going though makes you want to cry or even wish you would die sometimes. At the least, it makes even the strongest minded individual stop and asks why..."why 'me', I can't take it," and "why do I have to go through this?"

If that describes you, you must want your life back. You must wish you could stop the torment and to feel energized and alive again. If you're like most sufferers, you've tried so many things.

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The 7 Most Dangerous Words To Your Future

There are 7 simple words that can ruin the rest of your life. They are "It will go away all by itself"

If those words have crossed your mind, here are the disturbing facts:

  • 80-90% of all adults will suffer with low back pain at some time in their life.
  • Low Back Pain is the leading cause of disability for people under 45 years of age.
  • Low Back Pain is the second leading cause of visits to doctors’ offices.
  • Low Back Pain is the third leading reason for hospital admissions.
  • Annual costs of back pain in the U.S. range from $20-$75 billion, and as much as $100 billion worldwide.
  • According to Met Life Insurance statistics, the average back treated medically without surgery costs $7,210 and the average back treated surgically costs $13,990.
  • Statistics indicate that 15-20% of the population have Low Back Pain in any given year...approximately 32 million cases.

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